VW Transporter T6.1 Audio Calibration

Sep 17, 2022 | Audio, Transporter T6.1

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Our customer has had a sound system installed in his VW Transporter T6.1 for fair amount of money. The install consisted of 2 Way Component speakers installed in the front doors and A-pillars, 10″ Sub in a removeable enclosure and a 4 channel amp.

Unfortunately the install didn’t match the invoice in terms of what he paid vs what he got.

The complaint was there was no depth or clarity to it and the speakers seemed very unresponsive, muffled and there was lots of unwanted resonance.
We found one speaker mounted but rattling round on the inner door panel, neither door had been insulated, the amp was under rated in comparison to what the speakers where rated to and the same for the sub. They have used a 4 channel amplifier to drive both door front speaker/tweeters and bridged the 3rd and 4th channel to drive the sub… nothing unusual there.

The problem with this is the speakers are rated at 80W rms, the Sub 500W rms but the amp can only deliver 50w and 150w respectively. Therefore the design is floored.

We informed the customer and for the time being (understandably) he doesn’t want the expense of upgrading what should of been a one time job. He asked what if any improvements could be made.

We suggested our “Dead Doors” Package to reduce road noise, remove resonance created from the speakers and increase the mid/bass response. We also suggested calibrating the whole system using our SMD calibration equipment. He was happy to carry out our recommendation and we professionally  installed the deadening package and carefully calibrated the crossover and gain on the amplifier to eliminate distortion and accurately set frequency set points.

We’re not a big fan of these speakers but the sound is night and day better than when it arrived!

The main thing is the customer left happy

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