Warning Lights? Fault Codes? We can Help!

What Is Diagnostics?

Computers are everywhere nowadays including in your car. If you have ever seen a warning light on your car, that’s the onboard computer system finding a fault that needs to be fixed, but what is the fault? Our specialist diagnostic tools can reveal the fault and our team will help you understand how to get your car back on the road.

What’s a Fault Code?

The onboard computer controls many parts of your car. When something is wrong the computer cannot complete what needs to be done. Sometimes this fault isn’t critical enough to result in a warning light and the computer will save this as a fault code. There are thousands of fault codes that your car can report and they can be hard to understand, that’s why our team are here to help you. We not only able to help you retrieve a fault code but we can also advise you on the repair.

What Software Do You Use?

We have genuine official access to VCDS, VCP and ODIS and more. Our genuine official access ensures we are using the latest software versions, making our software the safest for our customers.

Can You Fix My Car?

Yes we can. We will carry out most electrical repair as well as module and component repair, replacement and programming. However, we do not carry out mechanical work, we believe that our independence from mechanical repairs ensures trust with our customers that we only advise on the required work. This allows us to focus our team efforts on ensuring the latest specialist diagnostic tools and software with the most accurate advice.

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