Osram – Laser Headlight Bulbs – Night Breaker – H1 – +150% (Twin Pack) – Suitable For THQ Headlights


Each Pack Contains 2 Bulbs

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Osram Laser Headlight Bulbs
+150% (Twin Pack) – Suitable for THQ Headlights
Using innovative laser ablation technology, the next generation of Night Breaker Osram Laser headlight bulbs are designed and built with performance in mind. Where they excel is the ability to emit light up to 150% brighter than the minimum legal standard. A redesign to the highly engineered filament helps to deliver a beam up to a whopping length of 150 meters.
Compared to standard bulbs, Night Breaker Laser also feature up to 20% whiter light. This provides a higher contrast road surface that helps keeps the driver more alert and less fatigued, along with minimal eye strain. Hazards in the road can also be seen earlier while also making road signs visibly stand out better.

Up to 150% more light on the road than standard bulbs.
Up to 150-meter long beam.
Up to 20% whiter light than standard bulbs.
100% Road legal (ECE R37)
Manufactured using innovative laser ablation technology.
Premium quality made in Germany and the USA.
More light and improved visibility helps combat eye strain.
Reflective signs appear in a whole new light.
Potholes and other hazards can be recognised sooner.
Premium packaging design ensures safer transit.
Ideal for drivers who know the difference that powerful automotive lighting makes.

Compatibility for Transporter HQ Headlights:

T5 – V2
T5.1 – V2, V3
T6 – V1, V2, V3


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