Meta EasyCAN Alarm

Canbus Thatcham approved CAT2-1 alarm system

The Meta EasyCAN Digital is a one of the most advanced CAN-BUS alarm upgrades designed to easily integrate into your vehicles original wiring with minimum disruption using your vehicle own keyfob/remote . But offering maximum security and reliability. The Meta EasyCAN features a wireless secure linked siren The Meta system offers Protection for your doors, boot and vehicles interior. The system also features an Emergency Push button override, this is a secure 5 digit pin entered via the LED.

  • Boot, door protection
  • Interior protection
  • Audible/visual arming signals
  • Secure override function ( 5 digit code )
  • Wireless Thatcham approved siren
  • Ignition hotwire protection
  • Panic facility
  • Auto re-arm
  • Diagnostic flashing LED
  • Pre Programmed for perfect integration
  • Thatcham Cat 1 once fitted
  • Approved by all leading manufactures

Also available at an additional cost

  • microwave sensors
  • tilt sensors
  • shock sensors
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Get your car protected today from just £395 (includes installation)

Why Install a CAN BUS Alarm?

With vehicles becoming more difficult for thieves to steal, they are now breaking in, to steal accessories such as navigation systems, mobile phones and car-kits, radar detectors, stereos and any other items that they may find valuable. Most people assume that because they can lock their car with a remote, they automatically have an alarm system. This is not the case. From 1997, an EU law was passed to make the fitting of an immobiliser, mandatory. However, this was not applicable to alarm systems. More than 75% of vehicles sold, do not come with an alarm as standard. So, the onus of securing the vehicle is your responsibility. The Meta EasyCAN alarm system is insurance approved. Most insurance companies now require a Thatcham approved alarm and may offer you a discount for having an approved system fitted.

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