Dav-Tec Audison OEM+ Signature Package – Non Amplified


Upgrade your Volkswagen T6 with the new SPC-106T6 high-end component speaker system.

This Alpine Adventure Audio system for the Volkswagen T6 perfectly unites function with form: enjoy audiophile grade sound quality, while the beautiful photo-etched stainless-steel tweeter grills simply look stunning in your A-pillars.

The High-end tweeters let you hear every note with stunning clarity and fast dynamics, while the 16,5 cm mid-range door speakers produce a wide frequency range that uncovers the rich details of every audio track – delivering your favorite songs with powerful mid-bass and amazing texture and accuracy

Product Information

Our signature speaker package to give your Transporter or Caddy that OEM+ feel, We strip front doors and remove the window mechanism. The outer door skin is then lined with Dodomat DEADN anti vibration material, this is then covered using Dodomat Superliner as part of the Dodomat 2 Layer system. We then rebuild the doors and line the inner skin with more Dodomat DEADN. The doors are now left with that satisfying quality sounding weighted thud when they close.

The superb Audison APK165 woofers are then installed in the factory door mount locations and speaker baffles with integrated weather guards install to concentrate the sound waves into the cabin area and shield the rear of the speaker from and liquid ingress. The door cards are lined using Dodomat Acoustic liner, which is a high quality acoustic memory foam designed for automotive interiors. The 15mm acoustic foam is an open cell material offering durability and excellent sound absorbing qualities and is also part of Dodomat’s 2 layer system. By doing this it also reduces unwanted rattles from the wiring loom and door pull cables, it also increases the Mid/Bass response of the Audison APK165 woofer.

The door cards are then reinstalled and the A-Pillar trims removed, the factory tweeters removed and the APK165 tweeters and crossovers installed. We then reinstall the A-Pillars power up you infotainment system and test the new speakers at various levels and the EQ adjusted. WE advice the customer then plays with the EQ over the next week or so to fine tune the sound to their own custom taste.

Size 165 mm (6.5″) Woofer
26 mm (1″) Tweeter
46,5 x 37,5 x 20,1 mm (1.83″ x 1.47 x 0.8) Crossover
Power Handling 100 W Continuous Power
300 W Peak Power
Impedance 4 Ω
Frequency Response 60 – 20k Hz
Sensitivity 93,5 dB/Spl

Audison Prima APK 165 Speakers professionally installed with all required hardware
Speakers Installed With Speaker Baffles & Water Guards
Outer Door Skin Deadened using Dodo DEADN & Superliner
Inner Door Skin Deadened using Dodo DEADN
Door cards deadened using Dodo Acoustic Liner
A – Pillars lined with Dodo DEADN anti-vibration mat to stop resonance


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