Meta Trak S5 VTS & S5 Deadlock


The Meta Trak S5-VTS meets the new insurance criteria, Thatcham approved standard for vehicle tracking systems.


Product Requires Fitting By Our Experts

To ensure functionality and features this product requires fitting by an authorised technician. This can be done at our workshop.

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Product Information

The Meta Trak S5-VTS & S5 Deadlock meets the new insurance criteria, Thatcham approved standard for vehicle tracking systems
A small Driver ID tag is attached to the keyring and is used to automatically disarm the system. If the vehicle moves without the tag present, with an unauthorised or cloned key an alert is sent to the control centre which will contact you to make sure your vehicle is safe. This is an ideal security system for the current trend of key cloning and relay Theft.
Subscription Renewal 1 Year £169.95 3 Year £449.95 Installed by our Meta-approved engineer.

Meta Trak S5-VTS Deadlock has the same basic features as the S5-VTS with the addition of advanced vehicle immobilisation that can be controlled via the smartphone app or web platform. The vehicle is immobilised after the engine is turned off and disarms when the ID tag is present. When the Lockdown command is sent from the App or web platform the vehicle will remain immobilised even if the tag is present.

The Meta Trak Smartphone app allows you to stay connected with your vehicle anytime anywhere
Live Tracking - Meta Trak lets you see where your vehicle is, with pinpoint accuracy
ID Tags - An alert is generated if the vehicle starts without the ID Tag.
24/7 Monitoring - Our Secure Operating Centre will be monitoring your vehicle round the clock.
Instant Alerts - You'll always be connected to your vehicle with unlimited alerts such as tamper, low battery, geo-fence and speeding.
Journey History - Review up to 30 days of journey history and analyse driving efficiency such as braking, cornering and acceleration.
Select your model - Choose to keep your journeys private with Privacy mode or switch easily to Service or Transport mode from the Meta Trak App.


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