Transporter T5.1/T6 Cruise Control on Stalk


Cruise control for your VW Transporter enables you to enjoy a more comfortable and safer journey regulating your vehicle’s speed. A luxurious and worth while upgrade for any Day or Camper Van

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Product Information

Cruise control enables you to enjoy a more comfortable and safer journey by automatically regulating your car at a predetermined speed set by the driver. This driver convenience is especially useful on long stretches of motorway where you may want to stick to a particular limit to avoid speeding or for maintaining a slower set speed through temporary roadworks. Nobody likes to get caught out with speeding fines so Cruise Control can help you stay legal and enjoy a smooth and steady journey.

In order to retrofit cruise control to the vehicle it needs to have either a mid-line or high-line BCM (Body Control Module) fitted, these BCM’s have part numbers ending in; “087”, “089”, or “090”. If your vehicle has not got one of the listed BCM’s fitted currently, then you will require a replacement BCM in order to fit the cruise control. If you are unsure please get in contact with us and we can check using your vehicles VIN number.

T6 Transporter’s DO NOT require a BCM upgrade and therefore we have removed the option from the drop down menu’s

If you require a new BCM this can be done at an additional cost for fitment plus the price of the new BCM which is currently £455 but will be subject to change depending on the current price from our supplier (TPS). If you require a new BCM please bring all vehicle keys as the remote part of the keys will need to be coded to the replacement BCM.

EU6 T6 Transporters can have Cruise Control on the Steering wheel. For this either an Multifunction Steering Wheel (MFSW) must be purchased or the Vehicle must be fitted with an MFSW and the existing buttons upgraded. Please see this listing here.

– All Models from 2010-2015.
– Optional Basic MFD upgrade via Wiper Stalk at reduced cost. (Requires Instrument Cluster with Engine Temperature & Fuel Gauge)
– Professional Installation with 2 year warranty.
– Genuine VW parts with 2 year warranty.

Basic operation: Drive the vehicle above 20mph, press the set button, the vehicle will now stay at this speed.
You also have a + button to increase speed and a – button to decrease speed.
The clutch and/or brake will cancel it the cruise control,
you also have a resume button to resume previous speed.
This will operate the exact same as factory fitted.
Once the cruise control is turned on, a green light with cruise control symbol will be displayed on the dash.
This light is factory installed for this purpose.
Professional Installation takes approx 3-4 hours, has a factory fit look and feel. Depending on model type and requirements

  • DIY install Requires Coding using device such as ODIS, VCDS, OBD 11 or similar device.
  • Vehicles without MFD or with MFSW have no seesaw on the right pitman arm. (Wiper Stalk)
  • For vehicles with long coding the final encoding with diagnostic interface is to perform 138772
    To check whether the vehicle has long coding please contact a VW dealer
  • In some cases, the replacement of the Body Control Module (BCM) is necessary as stated above


Please make sure you let us know the following when you order / enquire:
  • If your vehicle already has TRIP function or not
  • If you have a Rear Wiper Installed
  • Do you have OEM Fog Lights or not?


Selectable options (existing equipment):

  • With rear wiper, with MFD
  • With rear wiper, without MFD
  • Without rear wiper, without MFD
  • Without rear wiper, with MFD
  • Without rear wiper, without MFD, from 04.11.2013
  • Without rear wiper, with MFD, from 04.11.2013
  • With rear wiper, with MFD, from 04.11.2013
  • With rear wiper, without MFD, from 04.11.2013

Scope of delivery:

Original steering column lever


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