Revitalize Your Ride: SoLow Coilover Upgrade and Powerflex Poly Bushes Installation for Enhanced Suspension Performance with a Lifetime Warranty!

Mar 6, 2024 | All, Transporter T5

Remeber this beauty? It’s was in a few weeks back for a full SoLow Coilover upgrade! Vehicle recently developed a knock. Came back in and inspected, as we thought suspension is spot on, unfortunately so of the bushes where not so good and past there best.
Piotr made the sensible decision to upgrade these whilst they where being replaced to @powerflexbushes poly bushes. These are a superb upgrade over stock, making the suspension more active and the come with a lifetime warranty so once the jobs done it’ll never need doing again!
If you have any suspension upgrades in mind get in touch!
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