Upgrade Your Transporter with Morel Speakers, Enhanced Brakes, and Dash Cam Installation for an Unmatched Driving Experience

Jun 27, 2023 | All, Audio, Transporter T6.1

Alex brought the van to us for the Morel Speakers with our Dead Doors package, hardwire in his dash cam and install one of our popular aftermarket cameras.
Whilst we where talking we where discussing brake, which the dealer he bought the van from claimed had new discs and pads on the van… Maybe when it was built but certainly not by them! Alex instructed us to replace and upgrade the discs and pads all round with for formidable stopping power offer by @nutexafrictions_ltd whilst he went and had what we imagine to be not a pleasant conversation with the dealer.
All done and he’s now a happy chappy the van can stop when needed and his music has had a much needed kick up the rear with far better mid/bass than before and silky smooth but crisp highs thanks to the Morels!
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