Elevating Auditory Excellence: A-Mille Pro Upgrade and Interior Revamp for Alex’s Transporter Audio System Makeover!

Mar 8, 2024 | All, Transporter T5, Transporter T6, Transporter T6.1

Last year, we upgraded Alex’s audio system, and he’s been thrilled with the outcome. However, he expressed a desire for a little more. We outfitted his setup with a 3-way Mille Pro arrangement, cleverly installed in one of our popular A-Pillar builds. We retained his existing Audison SR5.600 amp while integrating a Helix M Four DSP for comprehensive control and to power the mids and tweeters.
Handling the bass is his trusty Audison AP10 D subwoofer from his previous system, now enhanced with additional control via a Helix Conductor controller.
The result? An astonishing soundstage with impeccable imaging – this build sounds phenomenal!
To top it off, we revamped the interior with a sleek black roof and cabin headliner, matching the A and B pillars. Black LED strip lighting adds ambiance, while all interior roof plastics and grab handles are either replaced or painted to an OEM black finish.
If you’re intrigued by something similar or have entirely different ideas for your Transporter, don’t hesitate to reach out!
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