Unveiling Pure Harmony: A Deep Dive Into An Epic Audio Setup Upgrade with Focal K2 Power M Kit and Dav-Tec Innovations!

Mar 2, 2024 | Transporter T6, Transporter T6.1

@t6_floyd came for another revision to his audio setup. This time Pete’s gone full Focal on a set of A-Pillar builds with the superb K2 Power M mids and Frak Tweeters.
Pete’s had a set of A-Pillars made but us, finished in black Alcantara. We’ve relocated his sub from under the driver’s seat to the rear arch in one of our NEW built in house sub enclosures!
The sound is incredible! The Focal K2 Power M kit is exquisite with so much clarity and vibrance!
Full build spec done by us is.
* Focal Frak Tweeters
* Focal K2 Power M mids
* Dav-Tec custom A Pillar build finished in black Alcantara
* Hertz Mille Pro door woofers
* Dav-Tec SQ grade door speaker collars
* Hertz Mille Pro Coaxials in the rear
* Dav-Tec rear peaker pods
* Hertz MPS250 2 Ohm sub rear
* Dav-Tec wheel arch enclosure
* Helix M Four DSP Amp/processor
* Hertz ML Power 5 amplifier controlled via the Helix DSP
* Helix Conductor amp controller
* Stinger 8000 RCA leads
* Alpine Halo 9 headunit with the new Alpine fitting kit retaining factory mic.
Full Dav-Tec tune
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