Performance Upgrades

We Can Remap Your Transporter or Caddy, Lower It Or Upgrade Your Brake Calipers, Disc’s Or Pad’s

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Tested & Safe

Our remaps are designed for your vehicle to ensure the best solution, we use specialist tools and software to provide the most cost-effective, safest and reliable remaps available. You will notice a significant improvement in your car’s performance almost immediately. 

Modified van insurance

What Is A Remap?

Remap change the way the vehicle manages the engine’s power and performance. Many vehicles have outdated or underperforming engine management software. We provide a way to regain your vehicle’s potential in a safe and proven way.

Is A Remap Safe?

Yes! When we perform a remap on your vehicle we first take a copy of your current vehicle’s map. We then use industry-leading software and experts to improve your vehicle’s engine management. Our results speak for themselves and we will ensure that you are leaving us happy with your remap.

What Improvement Will I See?

Our remaps are made for your vehicle, which means we can’t say how much potential your vehicle has. But we can that you will see an increase in the vehicle’s power and torque output, and maximise its overall performance by as much as 35%.

How Long Does A Remap Take?

The procedure only takes a few hours and you will notice a significant improvement in your car’s performance almost immediately. We also offer bespoke maps that are data logged out in the real world. This offers a more refined software package with smoother power delivery and all parameters set to your vehicle’s particular needs. We are fast becoming one of the leading remap specialist’s for both VW Transporter & Caddy.

How Much Does A Remap Cost?

Our prices for remaps depend on what you want from your vehicle, to ensure the best outcome we may wish to take additional time testing your vehicle before we apply a remap. If you would like a price for your vehicle. Please contact us today!

Transporter & Caddy Remap Service

We specialise in Transporters & Caddys, over our years of remapping we have ensured our customers are happy with their remap from us. from the factory or correcting a bad remap we have a solution for you. Our remaps are designed to ensure a safe performance upgrade and can increase fuel efficiency. We have a dedicated service just for you. We have a range of packages for you to get exactly what you need from your van:

  • Eco Map
  • Gearbox Map Only
  • Performance
  • Custom Performance With Data Logging

Check out our Transporter / Caddy Remap Including DSG in our shop today!

What Our Customers Are Saying


I couldn’t be happier with the results of the custom map supplied by Dav-Tec. The engine runs free and smooth even from a cold start-up and pulls progressively, purposely and smoothly throughout.


Many thanks to Dav-Tec for living up to his well-earned reputation. Following a recent camper conversation, insurance mandated the installation of an S5 Tracker. I did my research, and Dav-Tec kept coming up, so I opted for their Ghost II & MetaTrak S5 Deadlock Pro tracker combo.