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Figures from the DVLA obtained by Rivervale Leasing via a Freedom of Information request revealed a whopping 74,769 cars reported stolen in 2020. That’s an average of 205 vehicles being stolen every day or 1 vehicle stolen every 7 minutes.

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How Do Thieves Steal Vehicles?

Thieves use a variety of tools to steal vehicles depending on your security system, most factory-fitted security systems are not enough to keep your vehicle safe. Thieves will override your vehicle’s security system with advanced software. They no longer need your keys. Sometimes they will even use recovery vehicles to take your vehicle away.

Keyless Entry Enables Relay Attacks.

Currently, the most common method of vehicle theft is a relay attack. Criminals use cheap hardware to clone the signal from your keyless entry fob and ‘trick’ your vehicle into thinking that the key is nearby, allowing access to your vehicle and the ability to start and drive it away. You may never see your vehicle again; less than 28% of stolen vehicles were ever recovered in 2021.

Insurance Isn’t Enough!

For the majority of drivers, insurance providers will only pay the current market price of your vehicle at the time of a theft, minus any depreciation. So even if your vehicle is brand new, it can have depreciated by around 20% of the price you’ve paid. Meaning you could lose £1000s.

How Do I Keep My Vehicle Secure?

We have industry-leading & insurance-approved security solutions providing protection against key-cloning, hacking, and even key theft. We understand that you need to keep your vehicle safe and sometimes your insurance will instruct you to install one of our solutions as they know they are secure. Even if your vehicle was removed by a recovery vehicle we have solutions that can track where the vehicle is and allows the police to recover your vehicle.

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I couldn’t be happier with the results of the custom map supplied by Dav-Tec. The engine runs free and smooth even from a cold start-up and pulls progressively, purposely and smoothly throughout.


Many thanks to Dav-Tec for living up to his well-earned reputation. Following a recent camper conversation, insurance mandated the installation of an S5 Tracker. I did my research, and Dav-Tec kept coming up, so I opted for their Ghost II & MetaTrak S5 Deadlock Pro tracker combo.