Audio Upgrade – VW Transporter T5 Custom Pickup

Mar 4, 2022 | All, Audio, Transporter T5

SMD DD1 & CC1 calibration equipment
Had @buck01977 back in yesterday with his VW Transporter T5 Pick-UP for the final fit and tune of the demo van sound system.
Now everything has been calibrated properly using our @meade916
SMD DD1 & CC1 calibration equipment we’ve determined the maximum volume from the head unit before distortion is detected, and set the gain on the amp so no distortion is sent to the speakers/sub. The crossovers have been accurately set to 100Hz. If you look at the pots in the photo you can see the indicated frequency isn’t always accurate. This is due to variations in the signal input.
It sounds intense. Crisp, clear, and punchy no matter what volume.
Kit installed is
Sony XAV-AX3250 head unit
Hertz MillePro MPK165.3 components
Hertz MillePro MPX165.3 Co-Axials
Hertz ML Power 5 amp
Audison APB 10D Sub
Custom sub enclosure
Stinger 8000 series RCA leads
Stinger fast rings
Dodo Mat Deadn, Super Liner & Acoustic Liner throughout
Gavin and his family will be on show indoors @ultimate_dubs_uk on the 13th of March. Go check his van out it’s an awesome build. Whilst you’re there ask him for a demo of the audio install so you can hear it for yourself.
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