Full Sound Deadening, Speaker Upgrade, and Interior Transformation for Pete’s VW Transporter

Aug 3, 2023 | All, Transporter T6, Transporter T6.1

Pete bought is this down for a full sound deadening package, upgrade and add speakers, install a reverse camera and carpet line the rear.
We used our dead doors package upfront a used multiple products such as Deadn, MLV, Thermoliner and Fleece liner out rear.
We’ve installed @morelhifi Maximo 602HE front 2 way components and matching 2 way coaxials in the rear installed in some of our 3D printed speaker pods.
We then got the guy’s @vwbidesign to step in and do their thing and carpet line the van and as usual the job is stunning.
Pete’s so happy and after sitting in our caddy he’s now looking at alcantara for the roof and A/B pillars and getting us to do a full DSP install!
Enjoy Pete and see you soon!
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