Dav-Tec DSP Signature Package for VW Transporter T6 & T6.1


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Product Information

Discover a new dimension of audio excellence with the Dav-Tec VW Transporter & Caddy Audio Upgrade Package. At Dav-Tec, our deep personal passion for Transporter & Caddy Audio drives us to deliver an unparalleled auditory experience tailored to your vehicle.

**Package Features:**

1. **Gladen T6/T6.1 Appearance Speaker Kit:** Immerse yourself in precision-engineered sound with the Gladen T6/T6.1 Appearance Speaker Kit. Crafted specifically for VW Transporter & Caddy models, these speakers redefine audio quality, ensuring a seamless blend with your vehicle’s interior.

2. **Helix M Four DSP or M Six DSP Amplifier:** Tailor your audio system to perfection with the Helix M Four DSP or M Six DSP amplifier. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology. Experience unrivaled control over your audio parameters, allowing for a customized and immersive sound experience.

3. **Unlock the Benefits of DSP:** Digital Signal Processing (DSP) isn’t just a feature; it’s a game-changer. DSP technology refines and optimizes audio signals, offering precise control over equalization, time alignment, and crossover settings. This ensures that your VW Transporter or Caddy becomes a concert hall on wheels, with sound quality that adapts to your unique preferences.

4. **Dav-Tec Dead Doors Bundle:** Transform your vehicle’s doors into speaker cabinets with the Dav-Tec Dead Doors Bundle. Reducing vibrations and resonances, this bundle creates the perfect acoustic environment for your Gladen speakers, ensuring every note is delivered with clarity and precision.

5. **Hertz Mille Pro MPS250 500W Subwoofer:** Unleash powerful bass with the Hertz Mille Pro MPS250 500W Subwoofer. Designed for flexibility, this subwoofer can be installed under the front seat or over one of the rear arches, offering versatility without compromising on performance.

6. **Helix M One X Amplifier:** Powering the Hertz subwoofer is the Helix M One X Amplifier. This powerhouse ensures your bass is not just heard but felt, providing the punch and clarity needed to make every drive a sonic adventure.

7. **Seamless DSP Control:** Take command of your audio system with the user-friendly DSP processor. Effortlessly adjust settings, fine-tune levels, and create a personalized audio environment with a touch of a button.

Revolutionize your driving experience with the Dav-Tec Audio Upgrade Package. Join us in embracing the passion for Transporter & Caddy Audio, where every journey becomes a symphony of sound. Trust Dav-Tec, your specialists in creating an audio experience that resonates with your unique style.


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