Lazer Lamps – Can-Bus Contactless Reader


Enables Can-Bus interface integration without the need for metal-to-metal connection.
Uses induction method thereby protecting manufacturer’s warranty.
Plug & play connectivity to Lazer CAN bus interface.

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Product Information

Lazer Can-Bus Reader
The Lazer Contactless Can-Bus Reader allows for reading the CAN-Hi and CAN-Lo vehicle data without any actual metal to metal connection.
This happens between the interface and the vehicle CAN wiring.
The reader is secured around a section of the vehicle CAN Bus wiring and data is read by an induction method. Thus protecting any manufacturers warranty.
The contactless reader works on 5v and is directly compatibility with the Lazer CAN bus Interface. Simply (un)plugging into the interface’s wiring kit!
An LED indicator light on the contactless reader confirms CAN data reception.


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