T6 Transporter High Beam Assist


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Volkswagen Transporter T6 High Beam Assist, Suitable for the Transporter T6, Kombi, Caravelle & California

We are pleased to offer the Genuine Volkswagen High Beam Assist for T6 transporters. High Beam Assist allows your Transporter to Automatically turn the High Beam On and Off when driving at night when your vehicle detects an oncoming vehicle so to avoid dazzling oncoming traffic..

This system dips your high beam automatically to improve driver control and safety for both the driver and other road users. The system is automatically activated when travelling over 37mph with your dipped beams on. Using a camera built into the rear-view mirror, the system automatically dips the headlights when it detects either oncoming traffic or vehicles ahead. It is easier than constantly switching from high to dipped beam and safer too, giving you the best view of the road ahead without dazzling other road users.

This upgrade also includes the auto dimming mirror function which uses ambient light sensors to dynamically adjust the interior mirrors brightness in order to avoid being dazzled by tailing vehicles.
All parts and Labour come with 2 year warranty or 3 years on new vehicles.

Please note:

  • Only suitable for models with factory fitted automatic headlights and rain sensor package PR-8N3 or
  • If your vehicle does not have PR-8N6 then it is likely the windscreen will need to be replaced to allow for fitment this is NOT INCLUDED in the the price shown.
  • This Rear View Mirror replaces your existing one but wiring to the BCM is required and also coding
  • We require your VIN Number when placing the order

If you have any questions please contact us via phone or email.


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