VW Transporter T5-T6.1 Custom A-Pillar Build

£499.00 Inc VAT

Our precision 3D-printed builds, infused with carbon fiber and available in three Alcantara color choices, not only enhance the aesthetics of your Transporter but also deliver a superior audio experience. Aligning the speakers for an immersive soundstage, these A-Pillar builds can be seamlessly integrated with our premium DSP audio upgrades.

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Product Information

Enhance your audio experience with our custom A-Pillar upgrades, meticulously designed in-house by Dav-Tec. Using cutting-edge 3D printing technology and infused with carbon fiber, our A-Pillar builds are available in three elegant Alcantara color options, elevating the look and feel of your Transporter to a whole new level of luxury. The standout feature of our upgrades is the precise placement of speakers, enriching the soundstage and immersing you in a captivating audio experience.

The process is simple: Send us your A-Pillar trims, and we’ll return them to you within just 5 days after receiving them at our workshop. For an even more impressive audio enhancement, consider booking one of our premium DSP audio upgrades, seamlessly integrating the A-Pillar builds into your overall setup.

Please note that the price mentioned does not include speakers, which can be provided separately for an additional cost. We highly recommend contacting us for a personalized discussion about the speaker options that best suit your needs. To get started on the A-Pillar build and secure a workshop appointment, simply let us know your speaker preferences.

At Dav-Tec, we’re dedicated to transforming your audio experience and ensuring your complete satisfaction.


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