Upgrade Your T5.1 Van with Halo 9 Headunit, Dead Doors Bundle, and Professional Audio Calibration for an Exceptional Driving Experience

Jun 29, 2023 | All, Audio, Transporter T5

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Mark must be the luckiest guy alive right now. We managed to source a kit for his T5.1 so we could install his Halo 9 headunit he ordered from us months ago! @alpine_style_europe get a move on with kit, I’m sick of the complaints already. We can’t sell your kit if your not distributing it! (Rant over).
We also fitted our Dead Doors bundle and carried out professional calibration of marks audio setup using our specialist software, calibrated microphone and the advanced tuning features of the Halo 9 got the van sounding really good to say there’s no amp or sub!
Puddles lights and safety markers fitted to the doors is a nice touch too!
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