Audio Upgrade – VW T6.1 – Fixing Audio Issues, Replace Wiring

Jan 8, 2023 | All, Transporter T6.1

This beautiful T6.1 came to us for a dash cam some months back but complained of the sound system not sounding great even though they paid the converter extra to upgrade the system with the following:

Rockford Fosgate 165mm components upfront & matching coaxials out back and a focal 10″ sub.

Whilst the speakers are a great choice the sub was underpowered for the size of the vehicle.

This was exaggerated by the fact they’d used an amp that was half the rated power of the sub. The lack of sound deadening did nothing for the door speakers, the bass controller was put in the glove box! (Why?) The amp stuff at the back of the lower centre of the dash and not secured and a cheap Chinese Hi to Lo converter was installed, wire trapped between the head unit and the dash and the amp power cable trapped between 2 bulkhead panels!

So where to start!
Remove the old sub and amp. Strip the doors, dash and floor.
Doors sound deadened with our dead doors package this promoted mid/bass response to the Rockford Fosgate components and removed resonance from the door cavity,
Custom wiring loom was installed to the factory head unit and the Audison 5 channel amp and a new power cable was installed safely from the vehicle’s battery to the amp.
The bass remote was installed in the blank next to the light switch so in easy reach of the driver and looks factory too. The sub was uprated to a nice 400w Audison unit.
The whole setup was then tested and calibrated using our specialist tools and levels set using an RTA.

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