Superior Sound: Elevate Your Audio Experience with Our SQ Grade Speaker Collars!

Nov 19, 2023 | All, Audio, Transporter T6, Transporter T6.1

They’re here! Developed and manufactured in-house our SQ (Sound Quality) grade speaker collars are 4x thicker, 2x Stronger and 30% stiffer over the conventional 2mm thick injection moulded off-the-shelf items.
To produce sound, speakers function by converting the gathered electrical energy into mechanical energy. If the mount they are fixed to can flex some of this mechanical energy is wasted and the speaker collar acts more like suspension than the foundations of a building. This in turn reduces a speaker’s ability to produce the sound quality the manufacturer has designed it to produce, resulting in a loss of clarity and mid-bass response.
If the truly amazing sound is what you are after give your speakers the structure they need to do this with our SQ grade speaker collars.
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