T6 Floyd gets the Dav-Tec performance engine & DSG remap treatment!

Jun 20, 2022 | All, Remap, Transporter T5, Transporter T6

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Long-time customer Pete contacted us earlier this week. He explained he could smell exhaust fumes in the cabin when stationary. We advised a few known places for leaks to occur for him to check and sure enough he found a split EGR hard pipe. After a short conversation, Pete asked if we could sort his current map and check his gearbox map. “No problem Pete”
Here’s what Pete had to say!
“Having had a split EGR Flexi pipe I decided now was the time to delete it and get a remap courtesy of @ Dav-Tec. Chris scanned my T6 Transporter to discover that my DSG hasn’t been chipped at all. Not to be discouraged Chris set up his laptop and we took my van for runs locked in 3rd while he data logged the ECU. On our return Chris sent the map files and data logs to his file developer who wrote a custom map, Chris then uploaded it and off we went on another run.
To cut a long story short, max revs in 3rd went from 4,500 to 4,800 and the smile on my face on our first run with the new map, omg, it was scary how quick the van was, a few more data logs and I had an ear to ear grin.
Now Chris added the DSG map, this proved to be a game-changer, my van is now on steroids, unbelievable response, massive smiles all round.
Chris and his file writer worked wonders on my van and I can honestly state that if you want an ear-to-ear smile get you a custom remap @ Dav-tec.
You will not be disappointed!!!”
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